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26 May

Help Your Body with this One Tiny Seed

Give Your Body the Gift of Flax Seeds

With all the interest in plant based eating that has drawn so much attention in the past few years, we went on a mission to find a plant based grain to recommend to our readers. Looking for something easy to incorporate into all meals, Flax Seeds are a great addition to your diet. Our research has uncovered just how big of a punch these little seeds pack. To get all of the benefits of Flax, be sure to always grind before eating!! This is exactly why we at HealthBear use ground flax in all of our Pure Porridges. See, we love you!! Now, on to the amazing benefits of FLAX.

3 Reasons to Add Flax to your Diet

Photo by Jannes Jacobs on Unsplash


Two tablespoons of flax seeds provides 20% of the fiber intake you want to aim for per day. This digestive treat curbs common digestive issues like diarrhea and constipation. Additionally, soluble fiber feeds the beneficial bacteria in your stomach, turning your tummy a pre-biotic all you can eat buffet for the good guys. Besides gut health, the soluble fiber found in Flax is key in helping regulate blood sugar and cholesterol. Win!

Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash


Flax seeds boast high rankings in Amino Acids that makes your heart sing. Phytosterols, a cholesterol lowering compound is found in Flax, has been shown to have a cholesterol-lowering effect. One study indicates regularly consuming flax seeds may lower cholesterol by 6-11%. Then there are the antioxidants! One antioxidant in particular, Lingnans are plentiful in Flax. This antioxidant has been linked to deceased risk of heart disease as they reduce levels of fats in the blood. YES.

Photo by Heather Gill on Unsplash


Omega-3 Fatty Acids are essential for keeping your heart in the best health. Consuming Omega-3 rich flax seeds feeds your body while decreases the risk of heart disease and chronic kidney disease. Flax also shows to lowers blood pressure, lowering your risk for stroke. Diabetes concern? Studies show that supplementing with 10-2- grams of ground flax a day for 2 months reduces fasting blood sugar by up to 19.7%.

Keep your eye on the blog for ways to incorporate Flax into your diet. We will continue to search for creative ideas. In the meantime, eat a daily serving of HealthBear Porridge for a hefty serving of this power grain your body will thank you for :):).

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