Two Wellness Practices to Add to Your Life

Ladies, we need to talk… about “wellness”. How about the wellness that comes with ‘vegan’ ‘gluten free’, ‘yoga’, ‘organic”sugar free’ ‘BS-free’ and other varieties of self care? All super cool, right? Now stop and think about what makes us-well. We all know what to do to feel good, and we all know we are all guilty of making the choice to NOT do those wonderful things. Let’s shine the light on what is upsetting our souls and what we do to actually deal with it.


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First things first… what pisses you off? What drives you bananas? How do you handle it at the end of a long day? For me, I have a therapist I see every Tuesday. I would die without Linda. I joke with her and greet her by saying, “Tuesdays with Linda!!!!” every time I walk through her door… over and over, the joke never seems to fail a good chuckle between the two of us. Joking aside- talk therapy is so so so meaningful and helpful. I would bet the majority of my readers enjoy a weekly therapist appointment. God bless you for that! Great choice. AND for my friends out there that don’t see a therapist, I would like to encourage you to find someone special to talk to on the regular. Give me an ‘AMEN’ if you agree it is super hard to find the right therapist out there to call your own. There are enough wack jobs out there to drive your deeper into a bananna split than you could ever imagine. I had one lady that literally kept falling asleep on me while I was explaining to her I was being abused for crying out loud! She kept her little dog in her office with her and I swear that cute white fluff ball knew more about me than she did. ANYHOW, the point is-  find a therapist. Even if you need to fire a few, do it. I don’t care who you are, how charmed your life looks like on the outside…  you are messed up… I promise you are. And the good news is, help is always in fashion. Don’t be shy.


Moving on to my latest version of real wellness efforts… Chinese medicine. I met a lady at the chamber of commerce meeting who was quite insistent that I come to her office for treatment.  Granted with a lot of trepidation to check it out, I went… because I know I am filled with anxiety and other mental warfare stuff that I would love to see go away. Why not roll the dice? Besides, my insurance paid for it. I learned by their ancient techniques of tongue checking and pulse listening that my liver and gallbladder are unhappy- surely due to the daily rosé habit I have formed during the past 10 years. Needles glided into specific spots over my body that the doctors decided were right. I was left to nap for 30 minutes and boy, did I rest. It was wild to fall into such a slumber after only a short while. After my treatment, I was surprised to move my wrists and hear an audible, “crack, crack, crack’ at the slightest movement. I was told I keep stress in my hands, which in all honesty resinated… since I was a young girl, I would get eczema on only my hands in times of stress. Cool… I started to believe. And on it went- I was visiting the acupuncturist 3 days a week for a couple of weeks. They literally taped ‘seeds’ of herbal remedy onto my ear where I could press on, like buttons when I had anxiety or craved wine… more on the wine craving later……. Bottom line, it’s cool. Chinese medicine has been around the block more than a few times, gazillions of years worth of trips around the block. Who knows, perhaps even the dinosaurs were getting Acupuncture. I wouldn’t be surprised… J/K.


I would love to hear what you do to keep your mental wellness in check? Do you have any silver bullets in your pocket you would like to share?

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