Two Wellness Practices to Add to Your Life

Ladies, we need to talk… about “wellness”. How about the wellness that comes with ‘vegan’ ‘gluten free’, ‘yoga’, ‘organic”sugar free’ ‘BS-free’ and other varieties of self care? All super cool, right? Now stop and think about what makes us-well. We all know what to do to feel good, and we all know we are all […]

California Vegetarian Food Festival and Symposium

Opportunity knocks for all of our plant based eating friends- The California Vegetarian (Vegan) Food Festival and Symposium will be held in just a few short weeks from now. On September 21st from 11am-6pm, join like minded individuals to learn about plant based foods. Mingle with chefs, nutritionists, animal rights friends, farmers among other influencers […]

This Common Spice Will Spice Up Your Health

A spice that has seen its glory celebrated in everything from ancient Egyptian ceremonies to modern-day Snickerdoodles: CINNAMON! Cinnamon… What a marvelous spice! Just the smell of cinnamon has a way of taking you back in time- memories of Cinnamon spiced apple pies and toasty apple cider in the winter. Growing up in California, what […]

Help Your Body with this One Tiny Seed

GIVE YOUR BODY THE GIFT OF FLAX SEEDS! With all the interest in plant based eating that has drawn so much attention in the past few years, we went on a mission to find a plant based grain to recommend to our readers. Looking for something easy to incorporate into all meals, Flax Seeds are a great […]

Add This to Your Daily Gratitude Reflection

LIVING IN GRATITUDE BY HEALTH COACH TAMMY PARKINSON I love beginning my day with my morning ritual. I’ve been creating a special routine by journaling my gratitude and attractions of the day for over 15 years. I added in meditation and intention setting about 5 years ago, which were the missing pieces to my morning. I can’t […]

10 Surprising Benefits of Cucumbers You Need to Know

  Wellness Coach Tammy Parkinson For The Love Of Cucumbers  I have a love of cucumbers. I like to munch on them while I’m cooking dinner. They are refreshing and light.  In a random search of the benefits of cucumbers, I came across this data and learned a few things about their nutritional value…as well […]

Best Cereal of 2019

Cereal is one of the most popular breakfast items, however many people end up eating them for other meals or as snacks between meals as well. The problem that arises is that cereal can be full of sugars and low of necessary components such as protein and fibers. We’ve made a roundup of the healthiest […]

5 Ways for a Better Start in Your Day

Developing a great morning routine can truly make or break the rest of your day. Think of the last time you spent a little extra time on yourself in the morning and it resulted in more positivity and productivity for the rest of the day. Here are 5 ways to improve the start of your […]