4 Ingredients For Weight Loss in 2020

GET LIGHTER THIS YEAR Looking for a new trick to achieve your weight loss goals this year? I researched the powerhouse health ingredients I put in Oat Porridge when I designed it and found 4 ingredients in particular that will help achieve your weight goals for 2020. Each flavor of Oat Porridge contains what I have […]

Magical Magnesium

I recently hit the spa for a much needed massage. My back was feeling like poured cement after a nasty episode of my back being ‘thrown out’. The massage therapist recommended a Magnesium massage for my condition… and it helped tremendously. As I was laying on the massage table, I began to think about this […]

Clearing The Linguistic Confusion Around The Hot Hot Hot World Of Hemp

Clearing the Linguistic Confusion Around the Hot Hot Hot world of Hemp Hemp. CBD. THC. Cannabinoid…. Oh My! What is this whole new language!? I continue to search out information for my readers to further enhance their knowledge behind healthful ingredients that can bring greater wellness to their lives. This time, my quest took me […]