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25 May


Living in Gratitude

By Health Coach Tammy Parkinson

love beginning my day with my morning ritual. I’ve been creating a special routine by journaling my gratitude and attractions of the day for over 15 years. I added in meditation and intention setting about 5 years ago, which were the missing pieces to my morning. I can’t imagine starting my day without this special process of appreciation. It is my anchor to living in gratitude.

About 9 months ago, I started to “bookend my day” with a reflection of something special—something significant that happened in my day. I take time to close my eyes and I begin scanning my day in my mind. I will start with the morning time, reflect on what conversations I had, what activities I did, beautiful things I saw, what inspired me, and I search for something extra special which stood out more than anything else. It’s as if I’m having my Godiva chocolate at night and I’m savoring my day. It’s a date with my memories. While in this process I always find something amazing that occurred—often many amazing things! It’s even been interesting to try and choose just one; but I always do. It’s always a little something that pulled at my heart strings. I write it down in my journal.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Unsplash

What’s unfolded is a thread throughout the months, showing me where my joy is day after day. I can then ask myself if I’m doing all I can to keep these moments, conversations, activities & friendships in my life consistently. I’ve found that, in my day, I now start looking for these special moments & begin to anticipate them. I live more presently.
This nighttime ritual is still new, but it’s one of the best gifts I’ve offered myself. I don’t miss a night—it’s fun and feels right!
I imagine that in years to come, I can look back at any day in my past and recall these special moments I’ve written about, and it will always bring my peace.
I encourage you to try this… play with it… let it be fun. Let yourself unfold into the memory of your day.

About the author: Tammy Parkinson
For most of my life I struggled with my weight and nutrition. Through years of constant battling with my weight, I turned a corner when I finally understood what it takes to drop body fat and stay on a healthy nutritional track for life…without compromising my lifestyle. I gave up a career in the corporate field and dedicated my life to helping others turn their corner. From starting Body Firm over 19 years ago, I have grown, sold Body Firm to a wonderful colleague and dedicated my life to Lifestyle and Nutritional coaching solely… one client at a time.  The individuals I’ve been blessed to guide had a ripple effect and are inspiring others towards their goals too.

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