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Founded in 2019

In 2018, my children and I started going through an ‘oatmeal’ phase. As someone looking to eat more plant based, this was a welcomed change to our morning menu. Just like you, our mornings are met with the struggle to get out the door on time.

Our Story

Over the years, my family suffered many heart disease-related losses so offering my young family healthy food was extremely important. I often looked through the grocery store and was disappointed by what was available. Finding nutritious and convenient plant-based food was not as easy as I had imagined. Being vegan, breakfast was a major challenge. All I could find was oatmeal filled with fast-burning carbs, loads of sugar and the same boring flavors. I began creating plant-based oatmeal recipes with nutrient-packed grains, nuts and seeds. I combined gluten-free, plant-based proteins with rich anti-oxidants and disease-fighting Omegas. Searching out ways to add protein, I added pea protein and was delighted to learn it created a rich texture in addition to the protein! Using spices, fruits and nuts, I was able to create super fun and delicious flavors. When all was said and done, I had a couple of flavorful, healthy oatmeal recipes that didn’t need the obligatory ‘brown sugar’ on top. Out of our commitment to causes like the American Heart Association and a heart-healthy lifestyle, Health Bear was born. Health Bear is devoted to bringing you ‘Fun Fit Food’. Our goal is to fuel your day with fun flavors and fit ingredients, giving you the power you need to live your best life.

Finding a breakfast that was fast, nutritious, and plant-based was my mission. I started looking through the grocery store shelves and was disappointed by what was available. Single serving oatmeal packets are easy and quick indeed, but so were the ingredients… fast burning carbs and cheap sugars. Don’t even get me started on the BORING, run-of-the-mill flavors. This was not an option for my family!

I began creating powerful mixtures of super grains with wildly fun flavors. I went on a quest to discover gluten-free, complete plant-based proteins with rich anti-oxidants and disease-fighting Omegas. I discovered the magic of pea protein powder and the rich texture it lends to a quick serve porridge. I was thrilled to learn the plant world is filled with incredible ingredients to make a pure breakfast that does not need to be wrecked with worthless sugar. In fact, the ingredients in Pure Porridge actually reduce blood sugar and cholesterol!

It is with great pride, from my busy home to yours, I have blended these ingredients to become Oat Porridge. My hope is it will fuel your day with incredible health ingredients and phenomenal flavors, giving just the jump start you need. If it gives you an extra few minutes on top of that, I have absolutely achieved my goal!

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